I’m a music student at Magdalen College, Oxford, about to enter the Final Year of my Undergraduate Degree.

I started this blog during my first year and this page contained the following description:

I am a bit odd but there are worse things one can be.
Other things I am include a Northerner, a Female and State-School Educated. These are things which shouldn’t really matter however in an environment which is still dominated by boys, private school kids and Southerners I feel it is important to mention as I think diversity and access are so important and I want people to know that contrary to what the media might suggest (surprisingly) people do exist at Oxford who aren’t money-burning highly privileged tories. Furthermore, if you are a concerned potential applicant then please get in touch! I’ll shut up about that now…
When not at Uni I work at the Sage Gateshead, which is pretty exciting.

I will be blogging anonymously to avoid out of context quotation by the Daily Mail, I’m sure you understand.

I think I’ll stop this now. I’ll probably regret writing any more as I’ve probably already embarrassed myself and I’m sure you’ll get the general gist through reading more!

Now, I’m not quite sure I would describe myself like that. I don’t know to what extent I should reduce myself to categories that have been constructed by other people. I’m just me. I suppose the main reason for using descriptors like the ones above is that they signify groups with whom you may identify, or wish to identify, or would like to think can identify with you.

Looking back on posts I wrote, particularly when I started blogging, I feel a little embarrassed. They seem silly, and unnecessary. I considered deleting them, or even simply deleting this whole blog, but I decided not to, because I know a few people still like reading them, though I suppose I do worry a little bit about the judgement of others based on those ‘sillier’ posts. I wonder whether I am more ‘grown up’/learned for not associating myself so much with those types of posts, or whether I have been made to feel like those parts of me were not good, whether I’ve become a different person. I suppose we are always becoming different people, for all sorts of reasons.

My original introduction isn’t particularly full of confidence, and it is certainly true that there are many sites on the internet where people present and discuss issues of interest, and I don’t know if I will be able to add anything of particular note/interest/clarity that isn’t already there, but perhaps I will.

I am currently working on a range of topics which I’d love to discuss, if you’d like to, and my biggest projects are on women in the operas of Benjamin Britten and gender and music education. Other stuff I am interested in and want to do much more learning about include music accessibility, human rights, gender theory, feminism, queer theory, society, popular music in the 1950s and many other things. I am also particularly engaged in doing what I can to improve the treatment of LGBT+ people in and by Churches. As I learn more, become more confident, and realise what my skillz are, I would like to be able to do more to help combat the bad things in this world, mainly inequality, injustice, and corruption.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! My name is Anastacia. I love playing the piano, reading and etc. and I’ve been reading your posts here, and they are just really great! you should write a book! anyway, I wanted to ask you… maybe you would like to exchange letters with me. soo… feel free to write me back to my e-mail 🙂 cinderella.947@gmail.com xxx

    1. Hi Clare, sorry for delay, I have been away (it must be true, it rhymes!)
      Anyway, you can send all your Oxfordy questions to me through twitter to @OxfordMusician.
      Hope that helps!

      1. I think it might be a lot a tweets if I put them on twitter, so I’ll list them here:

        Why did you want to do music at Oxford? (i.e. why academic music, why Oxford?)
        Did you ever consider anything else?
        How did you decide/what decision process did you go through?
        How did it compare to what you were expecting/hoping for?
        What have you enjoyed/not enjoyed?
        Would you do anything differently in hindsight?
        Do you think doing a degree in music is worthwhile if what you ultimately want a career in performance?
        If you wanted to put in as much practice as those at conservatoire, would it be possible?
        Would it be possible to graduate with the same technical proficiency as someone graduating from conservatoire?
        If someone has other considerable interests besides music would you advise to pursue them over music or not?

        Please don’t worry if you haven’t got time to answer my questions! (I’m going into Y13 btw and struggling to decide what to do at uni.)
        Many thanks,

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