The Next Great Adventure

The title of this post sounds remarkably exciting/extravagant considering that I’m actually just on a bus to London with an exploding nose (sneezes!) and no tissues…I’ve been on here about 6 minutes so this could get interesting! But fear not, (I tell myself as much as you) for I am an adaptable creature! I was about to go through possible adaptations my body could develop but I’ll spare you that as I have realised that references to things like mucus generally seem to alarm at best, distress and outrage at worst, most people. Suffice to say I’m sure I’ll find a creative but hygienic way to deal with the situation and spare you any details. On that note congratulations of you have made it thus far and I would apologise to any readers who have already been repulsed by this seemingly innocently Harry Potter quote entitled post but I suppose you will have stopped reading now so it would therefore seem a rather redundant apology, at least in this forum. 
Oh my word newsflash. I have just seen a Greggs. Just to explain, in Newcastle there are Greggs literally EVERYWHERE. In the city centre you can barely walk without hitting one every thirty seconds. Or hitting someone who’s eating one. And by this I don’t mean assaulting but bumping into, both in the figurative sense and the literal. And to be honest this is actually overall a rather useless suffix to my statement because when I think about it, thirty seconds is probably enough time to see at least twenty – product-consumers. There is an excellent photo of two fully trading Greggs divided by just one other retail establishment in South Shields which fairly accurately illustrates the state of affairs. It is perhaps the only institution which in the North East which has not suffered horrendously as a result of the recession(s). Whether this is good for the citizens of the area is another matter but the point I was trying to make is that the Greggs in Newcastle are EVERYWHERE and in Oxford they are NOWHERE. Spot the difference. And yes that is an accurate statement, there are NO GREGGS in Oxford. Anyway I just saw one out of the bus window and this caused relative excitement, not because I had any desire to eat a pasty but because of the novelty nature of the presence of this establishment. 
Anyway, I’ve pretty much forgotten what I was going to write about now but have proved that I am perfectly capable of spewing a load of words on a total tangent without any specific designs other than to write. And that’s what I’m doing!
I don’t know whether to ‘fill in’ on what I’ve been doing since I last posted but I don’t know if that would be of any particular interest to anyone. There were some definite highlights but all that I can think about now is the fact that Afhjdigibkvdg! I now can read and write some things that I have been intending to for ages-yeey!
And FINALLY I have remembered the mildly amusing moment that I had intended to here recount. Just a guy trying to pay for bus ticket sigh a £50 note. I mean really-cone on! In Newcastle you get hackies from the driver just by acknowledging that you might have a tenner in your purse/wallet/pocket/moleskin pouch, never mind trying to pay with it! That was it really, although I do want to acknowledge that I know how lucky I am to now have time and be so close to London that I can hop on a bus to get there 🙂 I’m on my way to an induction day for my summer job-finally earning some money again!
Bye for now and I’m sure I’ll be writing again soon 🙂


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