Another Bench, Another Thought

DISCLAIMER: I am not sitting on another bench but there are benches in the very near vicinity. I have chosen to sit on the grass near the benches which is proving particularly enjoyable. 
I was just thinking about how fat some of the pigeons here are and about the nature of me being right here with the fat pigeons in Hyde Park. Thing is I know if I were myself in Newcastle, particularly a year or more ago, I would be crazily screaming ‘AAAHG YOU’RE SO LUCKY!’. Now I realised I’m blessed rather than lucky but the more important thing is that I have pretty much always loved London and been wanting to come here whenever possible. Difficult as train fares from Newcastle (and indeed to/from anywhere really) are very expensive, never mind accommodation etc. I was so excited about Oxford and the transport that could bring me with relative ease, speed, and affordability to London but all year I’ve felt like I’ve been wasting opportunities somewhat as I just haven’t come- I’ve just had so much work! This in turn made London feel evermore like an unreachable place, not for me. However this term the seal has been broken, and now I’m literally here, just chillin’! (pretty much literally, my buttocks are being splendidly refrigerated by the cold earth beneath. But it’s great! I love it. 
So yes, the thought which was ‘another’ was simply that sometimes things can feel sooo far away and unreachable but I guess hang on long enough and be hopeful, pray for some space and you could get there 🙂 
Now to try and catch the pigeon… (cue Wacky Races!)


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