Infrequently Asked Questions

Have you ever built a politically motivated snowman?


Do you have a severe allergy to hippogriffs?


Do you have a severe allergy to guinea pigs?


When was the last time you saw a dinosaur?

I can’t remember and would not want to be misquoted on this matter therefore abstain from answering.

When was the last time a college fellow and professor in English greeted you with the term ‘wotcha’?


What is your most unfortunate experience with Dr Pepper?

Decanting it from a 2l bottle into a 500ml bottle only to subsequently open the 500ml bottle and have it explode all over my face and clothes. And my parents’ car.

Have you ever drank a can of Pepsi Max, finished it, decided you wanted more Pepsi Max and decided to use the empty can as a receptacle from which to drink the Pepsi Max and subsequently poured it from a 2l bottle into the can in lieu of a cup to save on washing up?


Who is your current least favourite musicologist?

It is a toss up between Joseph Kerman and Charles Rosen.

When was the last time you did a google search to see if an ethnomusicologist whose work you were reading was single and a suitable age for you to marry?

A couple of hours ago.

How much does it irritate you that google chrome recognises ‘ethnologist’ and ‘musicologist’ as correct words but not ‘ethnomusicologist’?

THIS MUCH. (#googleusostoopidurwaybehindacademia)

What was your most disappointing twitter moment?

Trying to make the world’s longest hashtag then realising that the world’s longest twitter hashtag would only be 140 characters long. Nevertheless I technically still qualify, having made a 140 character long hashtag, right?

Should you currently be going over lecture notes and trying to summarise Janet M Levy’s argument in bullet points?


Will you be doing this again?

Probably, it was fun.



2 thoughts on “Infrequently Asked Questions

  1. I love your blog but this post especially especially made me smile! I miss you to pieces but it’s nice getting a chunk of yo’ representin’ every time I read your blog! Hope exam period is over, and if not- seeing as you may not have a wand for Expecto Patronum spells at hand, remember the second best thing- chocolate!!

    And if you haven’t seen it already-

    (warning, may offend those who do not possess a sense of humour)

  2. OK I wasn’t expecting that video to come up so big, arghhh, sorry!!! I can’t figure out how to delete it either! xxxx
    and errrr im not sure if it’s clear enough who i am…. i

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