Minute-Long Musing


I haven’t posted in a while and someone mentioned they enjoyed my blog today so in tribute to this I thought to sustain it with something. HERE IT IS!

I have given myself strictly a minute to see what I can write.

Brief update: revising for exams, currently focussing on Japanese Hip-Hop, quite interesting, but not as interesting as Cuban where there is/has been greater political and racial instability.

Ok One minute is rubbish.

I’m going to give you a second.

It’s also been super-sunny in Oxford and my cheeks are cheerfully rosy red (also know as potential slight sunburn) and today I went to work in the Botanic Gardens and made a den with my cardigan and head and laptop so I could read the screen despite the sunlight. This was wonderfully functional but it was all so warm and lovely and BIRD NOISES that I just kept falling asleep. Not so helpful.

RIGHT! That’s it, time is up!

Stay tuned as I do intend to write about what I did this week, namely STOLE SOME SOIL FROM BUCKINGHAM PALACE! I shouldn’t have said that so loudly… whoops. I am in the library too. 

Oh well, I hope that those affected by this blog post can contact the relevant helplines, for further details get in contact, to lodge a complaint have a rant on facebook.



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