Solace in Slices

The weather that the sky is currently giving Oxford is very negative. The feelings that my harmony exam paper is giving me are very negative. BUT I decided to fight back.

It took quite a while to stand up and force my shoes on to go to my mentor session given the volume of wet coming from the sky but I eventually made it out. I decided to suck it up and just sit straight down on my bicycle seat and not be a wuss about it. Problem is, it may have been better if I had literally sucked it up instead of metaphorically, as I was promptly very wet, well, just about everywhere. Put it this way, the frills on the edge of my knickers are still drying off… 

Once again I was faced with the whole ‘is it better to wear glasses when cycling in torrential rain or not’ dilemma. Until the impervius charm has been invented, or at least realised in reality, this is a problem that will stay with us I believe. Anyhow, I tried to power through by playing ‘Quidditch, Third Year’ in my head ( but it was still a considerable struggle and my hands were so cold by the time I needed to lock up my bike that I couldn’t twist the dial for quite a while.

ANYWAY. I was basically feeling thoroughly fed up about my harmony paper and just not seeing how I was actually going to manage to get it all done and actually struggling to see the point in it all anyway but after some mental cajoling (don’t ask, I don’t really understand either) I decided proactivity positivity was required to FIGHT BACK.

My friend (about whose thoughts and adventures you can read at and I decided to take on Pizza Hut’s lunch time buffet to combat our general bemusement and begrudgement (not a word, I don’t care, now it is) at the world around us and the compositional techniques papers in front of us and indeed we found solace in slices. I always feel very grateful that I have people around me who I can just take some time out with and we can make each other laugh and just talk about whatever silliness or seriousness is on our minds. I think this is something that happens often for the first time at university, so if you are a pre-university-aged person and don’t recognise this feeling, HANG ON IN THERE! It will definitely happen 🙂 

Further enjoyment was had by simply being extra friendly, which is always a good plan. I definitely made the waiter laugh anyway, although I think he was initially surprised when I asked what his favourite colour was despite having just told us to let him know if we had any questions but there we go…

Anyway,(a word which I use a lot, sorry!) I am writing this not to further put off doing harmony work but as a published testament that I don’t have to get bogged down by the sky’s rain or misery of a compulsory compositional techniques paper so that when I next get super fed up of it all (probably in about ten minutes) I can look at this and say something to myself along the lines of ‘well the internet said that you said that you could be positive and now that’s what you’ve told the world and anyway if it’s on the internet it’s got to be true so GET ON WITH IT!’ This is the plan anyway. So, off I go, fingers crossed!

PS I don’t genuinely think everything on the internet is true although there is an argument for subjectivity and our ‘own’ truths… maybe another day I’ll think about this!

PPS I don’t often go for meals out but this was a special treat (and a relative bargain!) and I will be working very hard this summer as I always do to save up for the next year ahead


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