Car Nation

DISCLAIMER: This post has pretty much nothing to do with land masses, geopolitics or automobiles. 

So it amused me that if you put a space in the middle of a word it can make two different totally unrelated words. Just to explain, I’ve been seeing a lot of carnations lately as people in Oxford generally wear them for exams, with different colours according to what stage in their exams they’re at. You wear white for your first one to symbolise your purity and untainted-by-exam-ness, pink for the middle ones, and the red for the last one, probably to symbolise the colour you are seeing at this point and the colour of the liquid that you wish to see leaking from your cruel examiner’s bodies. Only joking, I’m sure that is not at all ever the case. Actually, that is a lie, I’m sure people have felt like this before and to be honest I’m not in a position to comment anyway as I have not yet made it to this point. Fingers crossed I will…

So I decided to write after much deliberation and coming to the realisation that I was feeling sufficiently fed up and although doing my harmony paper might have been the right thing to do, it might cheer me up to write a bit here and perhaps even some other people and even if I did do my harmony paper and by some bizarre turn of fate it did make me feel exuberantly cheerful it probably would not have that effect on anyone else, so actually, this is a utilitarian decision. And stuff. 

I realised I was reaching a slightly low point when I started eating chocolate. Bars of it. Bars that I had bought to give to my friends who have finals and to give to homeless people I walk past on the street. So things were feeling a little bit grim and the alarm bells were beginning to tingle and then someone sent me a link to a game called ‘Alpaca Run’ and after playing this unquestioningly for about 4 minutes I realised I probably ought to try and lift myself out of the gutter a bit and do something positive and proactive, even if that would not be contributing to my academic work!

Otherwise I have been joyously productive over the past couple of days and written an essay and submitted it 24hours and 10minutes before the tutorial which is without a doubt a first! I’ve also made some headway with my compositional techniques paper, a delight which is in the form of a ‘takeaway paper’ which we have a week to mull over. I shan’t divulge the details as to be honest it doesn’t massively interest me and not that I am by any means representative of the norm I doubt it would interest anyone reading this. On the off chance that you are interested, please do get in touch, I will be taking owls. And alpacas.

On that note I should probably go and delete some files from my computer…it’s flashing warning signs at me because it is reaching its upper memory limit. I’m sure this has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with my recent ‘insertion-of-fictional-alpacas’ pastime. 

In other news the hiccups have not made themselves absent yet, but the person working in front of me in the library did turn around to give me a fright (it was intentional, not just me being surprised at the unprompted notion of socialising/making any acknowledgement of other people in the library, although this in itself is admittedly surprising) which I believe is significant progress for all involved.


(this is both a salutation and the imperative form of the verb:D)


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