Where’s Wally?

I mean this in a super sophisticated dualistic way. Not only has it been the question on our lips for many years now but I feel that it strikes a striking parallel with so many of our lives…

I’ll stop there, I’m just being entirely silly. Basically, I realised I hadn’t written for ages and if I didn’t do it now it might NEVER EVER happen again. Simultaneously I cast my eyes upon ‘The Phenomenal Where’s Wally Postcard Book’ and I thought, ahah, how apt, something worth writing about. You see, I realised in the same sense that those of you who read my blog regularly (this thought is exciting but likely a construct of my imagination) may have been wondering Where’s Anonymous? In the same way we wonder Where’s Wally? And in that sense I realised that it is not just me who is Wally, but in our own ways we are ALL Wally. That’s right. I mean it. We wonder where we are lost among all life’s funny scenarios filled with strange characters generally carrying unexplainable objects. Actually that’s one of the best bits. (of life, and stuff). The fact that the objects which SEEM unexplainable totally aren’t- they have an amazing back-story and it is this explanation that makes them so exciting. Otherwise they have a boring background but hey at least it didn’t take too long to hear. 

So that observation/general musing was entirely unprompted, unreasonable and unintentional but I’ll post it anyway for lack of anything better to say or do. 

I intended to answer the question ‘Where’s Wally’ when Wally is taken to be me but I realised that would be relatively unexciting but I suppose I shall do so in an abbreviated form. In bed. In library. At desk. At keyboard. In tutorial. Sitting keyboard skills exam. Handing in extended essay. Sleeping. Not sleeping. Not necessarily in that order. In fact not in that order necessarily or otherwise. So there you go! Basically I’ve been choking under deadlines and exhaustion and to be honest it has felt for the past few days like there is a brick wall inside my head resulting in much incoherence which is why I am going to stop right now thank you very much (90s kids, keep singing!) before any more drivel slips from my onto the screen. 

I hope you enjoyed my musings, if not then to be honest you probably aren’t still reading so I have nothing to say to you. If you fall into the latter category but have kept reading then I applaud your dedication to stick it out to the end and am tempted to continue to extend this sentence just to keep drawing it out and testing just quite how loyal you are to sticking with something once you’ve started despite really not caring one little bit about it or even worse actually actively being displeased by it. There. Well done you, I shall end your suffering. 


One thought on “Where’s Wally?

  1. Hi anonymous! Just to say that I love reading your blog posts – random nonsense (if you’ll forgive me for saying that) that nevertheless has a lot of purpose always makes my day. From, well, I suppose I’m just a construct of your imagination 😉

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