A blog post called Bill

Well somebody just sent me a message just to say they’d been enjoying reading this page and that they hoped that this information brightened my day instead of making feel like I was being observed by the Eye of Sauron. Well, it made me smile so much I thought I’d better write a blog post just for this individual, and anyone else who also enjoyed reading the blog!

That’s it really. 

In other news stuff is very uppy downy all over the place wibbly wobbly but not timey wimey (unfortunately).

Regarding the title I had nothing better to call it and it just came to mind as a ‘Bill’. Not that Bill is a last resort sort of name or anything, that isn’t what I meant by ‘nothing better’, just there was nothing more specific or interesting sounding which really summed up the writing which was about to happen when it came to naming the post. Hope you all understand and if not, don’t worry, maybe you will one day, and if not and it still bothers you, do get in touch.


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