I get by with

One of my favourite ever things ever is the moment you discover a friend knows they can rely on you. 

It’s a really simple thing but when a friend is a bit stuck with some and needs some help and they come and ask you for a favour it is just so meaningful and perhaps I get overexcited about such matters but I love the thought that someone knows they can trust you. It means a lot.

When we are in difficult situations ourselves it is so easy to get lost in panic and lose sight of where we’re going, but knowing you can fall into someone’s arms literally or metaphorically and that they won’t even think anything of it is such a beautiful thing. And it’s amazing to be in that position yourself, when someone else knows that your arms are ready and welcoming. Perhaps they aren’t as muscular or elegant as someone else’s, but they have the right quirks to do the job.

And if you find the nature of this post too gushy then please feel free to jog on.

If you haven’t yet been in either of these positions, don’t worry, it will happen!


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