ALL the postcards

I love postcards.

And I’ve started loving them even more since coming to Oxford. And buying them.

My annual postcard expenditure has increased from what it must have been in the past by some ridiculous kind of figure like 703. Although I can’t be sure and the notion of calculating a real number (although numbers aren’t really real are they: discuss (but not now)) however I reckon it would concern me slightly. Anyhow, I love buying and sending postcards as there are so many beautiful, quirky and comic varieties to choose from. And COLOURS! All the colours. I love colours. Often they’re just as lovely as ‘cards’ but they are so much cheaper!

Anyway, I was thinking about how I loved so many postcards and it’s tempting to just start collecting them and decorating everywhere with them and then I realised. Everything. I realised everything. Life, the universe and everything. The number by which my postcard expenditure had increased over the past year was 42. 

Apologies, mini tangent over. What I realised is that one of the best things about postcards is all the different PEOPLE you can send them to and all the smiles they get and share. And that actually, it’s a much more exciting thought than instead of you having a pile of things that you find cheerful for yourself, you’ve spread so many cheery things all around the people you love! WHAT AN EXCITING THOUGHT. Those little colourful, thought-filled, love-driven pieces of card are dispersed throughout the world and the people. You’ve spread something you found special and multiplied that specialness by making it special to someone else. ANOTHER EXCITING THOUGHT.

I suppose, without going too deep and sentimental, that’s kind of like life and talents and stuff. Y’know? Like, you can have a gift for something, but it’s millions of squillions of times better to share that gift and spread it around and pass it on to the people who mean a lot to you, or simply people who you just want to make happy (which for me is most people I reckon!) than just to keep it and enjoy it yourself. Like pretty postcards.

And that is about it. I am exhausted and should probably stop getting quite so excited about such things. 

Good night!

(Good day, good morning, good evening and happy birthday too I suppose)


One thought on “ALL the postcards

  1. I can confirm that this post speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I went to my pidge just now and found not only a returned essay (in one piece) but A REAL LIVE POSTCARD. This made me very happy at the time, just looking at the picture, which is one I’ve wanted for a while. Then I read the back, and this made me happier still. And now I am back in my room I have a new addition to my postcard collection, something lasting and a happy reminder to look at for me, my friends/family and the other animals and wild creatures and baroque instruments and tatty books that inhabit my room. In short, THE POSTCARD IS A HAPPY THING.

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