Found in the Owlery

DISCLAIMER: By Owlery I mean pigeonholes. And by pigeonholes I mean room full of small labelled compartments where post is sorted and distributed for college members. 

After a slightly heavy post yesterday I thought I write about some more light-hearted jollities of the past couple of days. Namely the things that I have found in my little compartment. And I am already realising how hard it is going to be to write this without any possible euphemistic sounding phrases. Forgive me now, please. 

So, for many days now my pigeohole had been barren. I had checked it daily only to be greeted by the gaze of an empty void. Or lack of gaze as there was nothing to look out to me. Anyway. The postal silence was shattered yesterday, and that’s where the fun begins. Upon reflection, this isn’t actually that exciting at all but I’ll keep writing anyway. Basically a couple of my essays were returned yesterday and I didn’t do too shockingly so that was a pleasant surprise. Today, however, things heated up considerably. Like a pan of soup on a hob which has been ignited. (Either the pan or hob, it gets hot both ways). SOMEONE HAD ANONYMOUSLY LEFT ME A CHOCOLATE FROG! I have not got a clue who bestowed this upon me but I am so grateful! Admittedly I was at first mildly disappointed as the frog did not bounce but I suppose this lack of authenticity was a blessing in disguise as it meant I was free to consume the frog with ease which I did promptly with gusto. That’s right. I ate alla gusto. Con moto wally*.

There was also an envelope from the family which is always nice- particularly as the envelope had a cartoon caterpillar saying hello on the back. This is always a good sign. And strangely sanitising when you’re in what can be such a high-pressured, serious, sometimes stressful environment. Before I divulge the details of said cartoon caterpillar-clad envelope I must muse for a moment as I have just noticed an interesting linguistic…thing. When I wrote ‘sanitising’ I meant ‘sane-making’ as in countering the effects of insanity. However sanitisation is generally a word associated with cleaning. Whilst I can see the obvious links between ‘cleansing’ and the ‘ridding of insanity’ it concerns me slightly and highlights some pretty arcane attitudes. Anyway, I think I’ll write about that properly another day. Now the other contents of aforementioned envelope seem quite boring: a postcard with the actual real genuine train that was used for the Hogwart’s Express and a headscarf. Postcard is now stuck on my wall of postcards and headscarf is now keeping my hair off my face. Wonderful.

Right, I’m going to stop writing what was probably a very dull post now, but if anyone does know who gave me the chocolate frog, please reveal your secret! I would love to thank them (hence the blog post essentially about that surrounded by other fluff to try and warrant its presence).


*For further information on these genuine real life performance directions and serving suggestions please contact me


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