Three-Legged Race

Never have I been so happy to see the word cock.
I am now successfully on the tube to Cockfosters from Hillingdon. They didn’t make it easy though! I shan’t have a rant because I don’t want to fall into my housemate’s blogger stereotype so instead of focussing on the minimal signage at the station and the use of THE SAME MAP on both sides of the station I shall focus on the positive fact that I am now on the next leg of the journey. Bizarre because it has three legs and not many other things do. Unless they’ve had some amount of leggage lopped of or been granted a bonus one. I’m not really sure which one would be more convenient to be honest. Do let me know your thoughts on the matter.
In other news the sun in Oxford has certainly got its hat on. This statement taken literally is entirely unhelpful. The sun is not, as far as I am aware, wearing a hat, its own or even anyone else’s. furthermore the sun is not in Oxford, neither does Oxford have its own sun. I say this tentatively bearing in mind the physics department. I wouldn’t trust them not to have constructed their own sun to be perfectly honest. Hopefully, you, the reader, read the aforestated statement and understand that what I meant is that it is REEEEAAALLLY superduper hot and sunny. In the words of my Spanish coursemate ‘for once, there’s not a single cloud in this fahking British sky!’
In other news it’s one stop before I need to change tube or the tube changes me!

DISCLAIMER: this was posted retrospectively courtesy of free wifi on the X90 bus. I know. Internet on a bus. Like dinosaurs on a spaceship. But y know. Not.


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