I wear ear trumpets now. Ear trumpets are cool.

Actually I don’t, but my good friend over at http://oxfordmusicstudent.blogspot.co.uk/ does and she’s written all about it and how it affects studying music.

After this I WILL try to stop blogging about other people’s blogs but I really want to establish the diversity of people at any university, not just Oxford. I’m pretty sure the fear of being ‘different’ (‘I’m not!’) is something that plagues people particularly before starting university, or indeed any life experience. With Oxford because it’s in the media so often and the very worst of stereotypes are portrayed, and even constructed (but I won’t go there today!) and they are properly terrifying. Funnily enough I think that coming to university is the time when you need to worry least about being ‘the odd one out’, or something along those lines, because quite simply there are so many people at these places! I hate maths and numbers too, they’re the worst, but I am fairly certain that the larger the number of people, the greater chance that there will be someone who you get along just great with and/or who shares your weird interests/hobbies etc. For evidence of this look on any university student union’s list of societies…

Anyhow, I hope that makes sense and if anyone would like to ask me any questions about access, social life or anything like that at Oxford, or indeed university in general, please do! In the meantime read the aforementioned blog- it’s well worth a read, whatever your interests are!


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