Lots of Planets Have a North.

DISCLAIMER: I will definitely use this as a heading for a blog post again. It’s just too good not to.

Anyway, in case you were wondering if I was just a token Northerner I shall link you to a wonderful friend of mine who has also journeyed from the far North (with a tuba) to study music in Oxford and has just started a blog too! As you can see from her first post, both of us are determined to make sure no one freaks out about applying to Oxford because they think they will be the only one who ___ (is from somewhere/does something/can’t do something/suffers from something) and that if you get an offer after applying it isn’t just to ‘fill the quota’! I did originally believe this to be the case but apparently that isn’t how it works because by giving you a place they invest resources and stuff in you and stuff.

Anyway, visit http://oxfordmusicstudent.blogspot.co.uk/ to get even more insight to another Oxford music student blogger who is only just coming to the terms of ‘fluke’ being relatively unlikely!


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