Summer Papers Round One.

Yesterday was my first exam paper of the summer season, although admittedly it was more of a mock.

This is what it was like.

I had an exam today in Magdalen Hall and the sun was shining so brightly outside and I was starting to flag and I felt just like Harry Potter in his History of Magic OWL exam when he’s in the Great Hall and it is a beautiful day outside but he’s all stressed and then gets hot and sweaty and then begins to lose consciousness then has a Voldemort Vision then realises he has to go save Sirius. So it was like that apart from when I was all sleepy I didn’t have a Voldemort Vision. It also wasn’t actually that hot, it was just sunny so I also wasn’t sweaty. And actually no one was wearing robes and capes or anything, some people were just in pyjamas. So actually I was just a bit sleepy in an in exam in a Hogwarts-esque setting and have an over-active imagination and want to defeat Voldemort and save Sirius.


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