Musical Puzzles and Puzzling Music

Well I keep having thoughts and things (a very dangerous business) and using the internet to express them and thought I’d take the plunge and present them a little more formally. No need to get too concerned though, it won’t be anything too serious. 

More importantly I’ve been having fun creating musical games and puzzles to avoid the music that was puzzling and playing games with me. In other words I should be revising for some exams and was messing around instead. My friends on facebook and in my house were enjoying them so I thought I’d make them available to the rest of the world, I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out you see.

I believe some refer to this sort of behaviour as ‘procrastination’ but to be honest I see it more as alternative productivity.

Hopefully you will agree but if not it really doesn’t matter, although it would be ideal if you enjoyed reading these posts… if not then I’m surprised you haven’t already made a speedy exit.

Have fun!


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