A Short Post About My Favourite Things About Faure Before I Go To Bed

I performed Faure’s Requiem at school this time last year and I only just started to love it on the night of the performance. I then did some superficial Faure research (also perhaps known as wikipedia) and discovered what an exciting guy he was. I then really regretted not asking to do programme notes or something for the school concert as this would be a dream job (perhaps, I’m not sure, don’t want to commit to anything).

Anyway, I’ve realised I can now share my favourite Faure facts here!

Firstly he had what can only be described as a simply fabulous moustache. A really impressive example of facial hair. As an organist he often tried his luck and was known to nip out of the service for a tab* during the sermon, but only lost his job after turning up on Sunday in the clothes from the night before. I’ve heard of the ‘Walk of Shame’ often re-branded by optimistic students as the ‘March of Glory’ or ‘Stride of Pride’ but I have a sneaking suspicion Gabriel didn’t too cool at this point. But perhaps he did. I mean, the audacity is impressive if not simply amusing. I often go to chapel in orange boots but that’s more because they’re comfortable, easy to put on and I don’t believe your appearance should be judged in church. However, chapel does not employ me to play the organ and I rather get the impression that it was not the clothes Faure was wearing that left people ‘dissatisfied’. Allegedly his depression and disposition towards…well, simply having affairs benefited him creatively but perhaps the best bit is that he simply wrote the requiem just for the sake of it, just for fun! If I were a composer this is totally what I would do, maybe after setting some crazy poetry and the telephone directory or something, but I’m not so I shall simply express my admiration for him. I wonder if it is so extra awesome because he did it without a specific commission or person in mind?

Anyway, there are just  a few snippets. On re-reading I probably shouldn’t be allowed to write programme notes. Well, not without a warning on them.

*cigarette- not sure if this is Geordie slangism?


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